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Parking Lot Striping & Painting


If you need dependable parking lot striping and line painting that will remain visible and uncracked, withstanding weathering and time, call on A-1 Line Painting LLC. We deliver professional services quickly, efficiently and affordable.

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Parking Lot Striping

We use airless line stripping equipment while applying either low VOC water borne or Solvent Based Acrylic Traffic Marking materials. Our employees have ten plus years in the striping industry.

Our Process

On a new layout we measure both the length and the width of the parking space making sure all lines are straight and even and the area is clean before we begin striping. On a restripe we would follow the same procedures. The striping of the area may also include directional arrows or wording such as “No Parking or Fire Lane” or any other type of wording the customer may require.

Commercial Lot Line Painting
Condominium Lot Line Painting
Speed Bump Painting
Stop Bars and Center Lines Painting
Tenant & Apartment Lot Line Striping
Specialty Designations
No Parking & Fire Lane Painting
Line Painting Layout and Design
Directional Arrows
ADA Compliant Handicap Space Painting
Fire Lane Painting
Drive Thru Lot Line Painting
Directional Arrow Painting
Snap Chalk
Measuring Parking Lot Spaces
Dunkin Donuts Lot Line Painting